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Microsoft Excel tricks
Microsoft Excel tricks
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What you'll learn
  • More then 40 Microsoft Excel tricks ( for Windows and Macbook)
  • Microsoft Excel Functions & formulas - XLOOKUP, FILTER, CONVERT, UNIQUE, CHOOSE, PMT (and a lot more)
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners tricks - 3D references, Transpose, Filled Map, Autofit, how to ad your own picture in a charts (and a lot more)
  • Microsoft Excel features for data analysis and visualization - Getting  data from web, Advanced filter, Pivot tables, Analysis Tool pack
  • Microsoft Excel features for business, finance and forecast - What if analysis, Scenario manager, Payment (PMT), Goal seek
  • Microsoft Excel ittle useful tricks, such as - tracking changes, Excel translator, Excel Ideas and how to do VLOOKUP on left side
  • You will know a lot of Microsoft Excel SHORTCUTS
  • Learn the most common Excel functions and formulas used in the Office
  • Maintain large sets of Excel data in a list or table ( plus data analysis )
  • Learn how to use Pivot Tables, Slicers and other Excel visualization tools for Interactive Excel Reports
  • Get lifetime access to Excel quizzes and exercise