50-point SEO Audit 2020 To Test Your Site Or As Freelancer | 100% off udemy coupon

50-point SEO Audit 2020 To Test Your Site Or As Freelancer | 100% off udemy coupon
50-point SEO Audit 2020 To Test Your Site Or As Freelancer | 100% off udemy coupon

What you'll learn
  • Perform an SEO audit on your own
  • Save money hiring freelancers
  • Or sell this service as a freelancing or agency service
  • Increase site rankings
  • Identify damaging website problems and fix them
Course content

  • Introduction and warm welcome Preview
  • Checklist of things we will cover

Site crawling, indexing, accessibility, technical analysis

  • Section introduction - making sure there are no problems
  • Google Search Console, formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tool Preview
  • Checking for site accessibility by creating your sitemap.xml for SEO
  • Broken link check
  • Website uptime check
Duplicate or bad content

  • Ways of dealing with thin or bad content and what's really duplicate
  • Finding pages to improve or delete by using the Google Search Console
  • Identifying and getting rid of bad pages
Current traffic
  • Google Analytics introduction
Domain level factors

  • Domain level factors section introduction
  • Does site age matter?
  • What is page rank, domain authority, and do they matter?
  • Page optimization prioritization strategy
URL structure

  • Do keywords in domain or exact-match domains matter?
  • https instead of http
  • URL folder and page names structures for SEO
Mobile friendliness

  • On-page SEO audit section introduction
  • Introduction to mobile-friendly websites
  • Using the Google mobile-friendliness check tool
Page quality audit

  • Good grammar on each page, well-written
  • How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO
  • Setting meta title and description on your page
  • Content quality and cornerstone SEO pages and rich media on your pages
  • Image ALT tag for SEO
Keyword research

  • Keyword research section introduction
  • 13-step keyword research checklist
  • Keyword density tool: 2 great uses for SEO
  • keyword density
  • Optimizing for voice search: Google voice SEO & Answer-box SEO
Site load speed

  • Site speed section introduction and how it impacts SEO
  • Speed update and how it impacts SEO
  • Critical Rendering Path and how it impacts page elements, load speed and SEO
  • Case study and immediate results of taking out unused CSS from a page
  • Case study of reducing image size issues
  • Case study of getting rid of JavaScript to speed up the site
Easy wins for faster page loading

  • How to reduce image size
  • Further reducing image size

CSS and JavaScript Minification

  • "Minifying" CSS, html and JavaScript file sizes
  • Enabling compression
  • Caching plugins for WordPress

Using PageSpeedInsights to improve site speed

  • Removing unused CSS
  • Unused CSS in a WordPress template
  • Text compression
  • JavaScript defer and async tags
  • The experiment of removing Google ads
Local Google SEO

Which businesses are local and examining the local SEO result template for audit